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Our Audiologist will help you to get the best custom ear molds to your hearing aids.

✔  The Audiologist will make an “ear impression” by placing the impression material in your ear and ear canal.  He/she will then ship the impression to a lab to make the custom ear mold.   

✔  The lab ships the finished ear molds to the professional.

✔  You will meet with the professional again to have the ear molds attached to your hearing aids.

✔  The professional will show you how to insert and remove as well as how to clean the ear molds.

*If soreness or discomfort is experienced from an ear mold, please contact the hearing professional to have it modified or remade. Ear molds typically have a 90 day warranty for comfort and feedback.

Ear Mold Cleaning

Keeping the ear molds clean will help prevent earwax from building up. Never use alcohol or chemical solvents on ear molds as they can cause soft ear molds to materials turn hard or shrink . Always follow the hearing care professional’s advice, how to clean wax and debris from your ear molds.

Routine Care

✔  Wipe off the ear mold with a soft tissue or cloth every day.  

✔  Disinfect the ear mold surface with a non-alcohol based disinfectant towelette once a week.

✔  Check the opening for earwax build-up. If wax is present, gently remove it with the cleaning tool or tooth pick.  Do not poke the ear mold or tubing with sharp objects.

Ear Mold / Tubing Replacement

An ear mold can usually be used for 3-5 years before it needs to be replaced. You may need to replace it when:

✔  The ear mold begins to feedback or fits loose in the ear.

✔  Hearing thresholds have changed.

✔  The ear mold is damaged.

✔  The ear mold emits an odor.

The ear mold tubing will need to be replaced every 6-12 months. The tubing touches the head and will absorb body oils and sweat, which over time will cause the tubing to shrink, get hard, crack and possibly pull out of the ear mold. The sound quality of the hearing aid may also be affected. Please call your ear mold professional for a tubing change.

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